Why You Should Start Sharing Your Ideas — Now

Look around you. I am serious. Do it, now.

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What do you see? Pay close attention to every thing around you. Where are you now? What’s in front of you?

Personally, I am staring at a MacBook Pro, wearing a FitBit on my right wrist, my phone is an Apple iPhone, and I am writing in Moleskine notebook using aa pen from the same brand. I am also currently sitting in a Nero Cafe coffeeshop in central London.

Think about it: everything that surrounds you, was once merely an idea in somebody’s head. Steve Jobs came up with the idea of 2 gadgets that I (and I presume, you too) are using on a daily basis. Somebody created Nero Cafe and Moleskine. Even the chair that you are sitting on — right now.

Idea is the seed of every thing around us.

Making ideas liquid

All my life I’ve been interested in ideas.

How ideas form, transform, evolve, move around from people to people, from companies to companies — you name it. I love ideas. And the biggest thing that Internet gave us (it’s not Tinder) is the ability to share ideas seamlessly.

Why is sharing ideas so important?

Because that’s how ideas get better. And better ideas — means better inventions, companies, brands, organizations, everything.

Better ideas = growth.

In the world of business, sharing ideas is important for making money. Can you imagine starting a company in a pre-Internet era? How do you make yourself known to people? How do you sell? How do you hire? Where do you even start without having Google, Facebook, UpWork, 99Designs, LinkedIn, etc.?

Probably, with some difficulty.

Interconnectedness that the Internet gave us — allows businesses and entrepreneurs to play a positive-sum game. There is no scarcity. We can all become successful.

Because you are now selling not to your little village, but to the whole world (that’s your real market) — if you, as a producer, deeply specialize in your one niche thing–and we, as consumers, widely diversify in multiple things, everyone wins.

Because of the Internet’s ability to share ideas seamlessly — everyone can become a millionaire. As long as what you are doing is good enough, of course. But because the society rewards quality (you can become rich)–you’ll naturally strive to become the best.

In the world of education, sharing ideas is what makes us smart — as a collective. There are no experts in any field anymore. Everything is changing too fast. One day you’re an expert (congrats), the next day — you’re not (sorry). To win, you just have to learn a little bit faster than the average Joe.

Content is what allows for this continuous learning.

And because content is created by people, if one person learns — everyone benefits. As long as this person is willing to share, of course. But because the society rewards you for sharing your ideas (more followers, more exposure, more ad money, etc.) — you’ll naturally strive to share as much as possible and create great blogs!

Life is growth. Just as blood should continue circulating through veins in order to life to be present, so should ideas flow around society for growth to be present.

We can become rich and smart by sharing ideas. Making ideas liquid is the most important thing there is.

Content is a vehicle for ideas

From radio to TV to mobile phones and later, to the advent of Internet and Facebook and Telegram — for the past century, people strived to erase any friction there is preventing ideas from being liquid.

We are naturally striving to a place where ideas are exchanged effortlessly. And the best example of this is social media.

Need advice? Ask friends on Facebook — you’ll get 10–15 answers within minutes!

Instagram — is nothing more than a place where you can see what everyone is doing all the time, any time.

Richard Dawkins coined the term meme in his book “The Selfish Gene”. The idea is that just as a gene — is a unit measure of our physiological evolution, meme (or rather, an idea) — is a unit measure of our cultural evolution.

I would go even further. There are 22 pairs of nonsex chromosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes. Chromosomes — are vehicles for genes.

Similarly, ideas can’t travel by themselves. They need a container or a vehicle. And such vehicle is content.

Content is vehicle for ideas.

Is singularity near?

With all the talk about Singularity —we actually miss the point.

Singularity is not near. It’s actually here.

We are already one.

We are one organism — exchanging ideas from one person to another (although still, with some friction). It will take just 15–20 years for this to be completely realized.

Think about. We (especially my generation) can’t imagine living without Google. We wouldn’t survive in a world without such close communication with each other.

Yeah, of course, we like Burning Man and going on digital-detox retreats — knowing that we will some day soon return to the REAL world.

We are already a different species — not physiologically (we actually haven’t changed much over the past 100,000 years), but culturally. Evolution is still ON, it’s just different.

We are merging together to form a new species of one being — homo collectivus.

Speak up.

I am saying all of this to state one point — making ideas liquid is the most important thing we can and should be doing.

We are not in charge of where evolution takes us. We think we are — we aren’t. Of course it’s us that is driving it with inventions, apps, companies, but it’s not our individual brain that’s in charge. Rather, it’s our collective brain.

We as a global society are in charge. We — as one being — are.

I started blogging when I was 16 and still do. I couldn’t help it — I just wanted to write. I just wanted to get my thoughts and ideas out there.

So should you. You should blog. You should share your ideas. You should do it — because it matters. You matter. You thoughts and ideas matter.

We need you.

We need you to learn new stuff and come up with new ideas and share them. That way, we can all learn. You will be compensated by society with rewards — such as a lot of subscribers, followers, likes and, as a result, money from sponsors, etc. You just have to be good enough.

If you are a business, we need you. We need you to speak up. Use content to leverage your brand. Tell us about your existence, promote your products and your services using modern-day media. You’ll be compensated–because in today’s interconnected world, everyone can win.

There are so many great ambitious people, bold startups and curious brands that want their word to get out there — but don’t. They continue to exist in isolation.

Don’t be that person/startup/brand. Speak up. Share you ideas.

Thank you for reading this article. I really appreciate it. Let’s keep the conversation going! If you would like to connect, please follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I also recently launched a new marketing agency — and looking forward working globally with bold startups, curious brands and ambitious people to create and promote great content!

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