If You Feel As If Your Life Isn’t Going Anywhere

Sometimes I feel like I am not going anywhere.

Like I don’t know myself and that there are too many options to follow. I can’t stick to any one option for too long. I am too impatient.

And then I remind myself of one of my heroes, Kevin Kelly.

When he was my age, he was literally lost. Of course, back then (in the 60s-70s), the word ‘success’ wasn’t as frequently used or thought of today. But I am sure he had his own share of discomfort about his foggy future.

He dropped out of college and went to roam Asia until he was 27. Working odd jobs, no college degree, no idea about who he wants to be when he ‘grows up,’ he bartended in the U.S. to save up some cash and go back to bicycling around Thailand.

If you were to meet Kelly then, you’d probably call him a loser, a bum, a delusional hippie.

Today Kevin is the founder of Wired magazine — the largest tech publication in the world. He is the author of multiple books on technology, innovation, the future. He is a thinker, a doer, a maker, and a great human being, from what I see . He is 68 years old and calls himself a happy person.

Nobody — especially not Kevin himself — would have thought the future holds such outrageous success for him.

Our minds want to know everything in advance. We all want to walk an understandable path. We want our actions to be a part of some coherent framework we came up for ourselves. We want to be consistent.

But coherence is something we, humans, came up with. It doesn’t exist. The world is inherently random and incoherent. It follows no path or plan.

It is. Just is.

It’s terrifying to give up control, to stop thinking about where we’re going, where we’ll end up, especially when we’re young.

But we must. Especially when we’re young.

Because we won’t come up with anything that has even 0.1% common with reality, most of us don’t have prophetic powers. You don’t know where you’ll be a year from now or even if you will be.

The only option is to live life and trust (in yourself, fate, time) that it will all turn out OK.

Maybe not as you wanted. But that’s also fine.

After all, it will be you.

And how can that not be fine, regardless of what the external world indicates?

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