How to learn all your life? Blog.

Neil Gaiman giving a commencement address

A learning dropout

When I dropped out of #1 business-school in the U.S., Babson College in 2016 I wanted to continue learning. I did it through a mix of 3 things:

Snapshot from one of the videos on my YT-channel. If you are not Russian, don’t even bother going there :)

Getting to sit down in one room with role models inspires, motivates and makes you think much bigger. It’s amazing.

And the best thing: you get media coverage. Over the course of 2 months I got interviewed or written about in almost every popular Russian business-media, including Inc. Russia.

Blogging = modern journalism

Neil Gaiman went to work as a journalist to become a writer because he realized that to be one has to, you know, write. He needed to learn and he needed money. Journalism job provided both of these, so it was a no-brainer.

A different approach to marketing

Business schools tell us: write a business-plan, build a product, do focus-groups and figure out how to sell your thing. But that’s too risky. No wonder only 1 out of 10 ventures survive.

By building a loyal audience — you save money, and you can figure out exactly what your audience wants months before the product is developed. If your audience is large (and loyal) enough, you won’t even need a marketing budget once you launch.

Such approach is counter-intuitive to what the business professors teach us. It’s also smart and practical in the modern content-driven world.

Learning for a living

With the accelerating pace of change a lot of people are struggling with the question of: How do you continue learning all your life? And while I believe that education is a personal matter, and you might have your own answer to this question, I’ve found blogging to be my answer.

As a kid, I loved Spiderman.

I love teaching what I am learning, while I am learning it. Sharing allows me to reflect more and to solidify my insights.

And for people like me (with the ‘blogger gene’, I guess), blogging is a great way to learn all your life.

Imagine for a second

…being paid to learn about what you love.



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