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Do What Only You Can Do

Choose to be a ‘meaningful specific’.

There are a lot of things you can be. You can start a company, launch a blog, or record a podcast. All of these things are easy and free. But even though “becoming” is easy today, “becoming successful” is still hard.

Harder than it used it be.

Being ‘The Best’ Used to Be an Opportunity

Now it’s a necessity. Because the barriers to entry in almost any field are low, you’ve got serious competition. The way — the only way — to be heard is to become the best.

When you’re choosing a plumber to work with, would you settle for #10 plumber in your city? I doubt you’d even scroll that far on Google.

When I pick a freelancer on Fiverr, I always look at reviews (“stars”) and choose sellers with the highest rating.

Am I a dick to everybody else on Fiverr? No, I am picking the best because it’s safe — I want to save myself time, money, and worry.

Nature of today’s world: be the best or stay hungry.

Nobody Owes You Anything

And nobody, as Steven Pressfield kindly reminds us, “wants to read your shit.”

I feel humility every time I walk into my local bookstore. I look around, and I see thousands of new books by authors who aren’t even authors by profession.

It’s so easy to write a book these days.

Whenever I write something — a blog, a book, an article — I (subconsciously) expect that because it matters to me (and I wrote it), it will matter to everybody else.

The abundance of books reminds me that I am not unique. I see that people have a considerable volume to pick from — this reminds me: to be heard, I’ve got to be the best. There’s no other option.

The good news is, being the best is not as hard as it sounds.

“Become The Best at What You Do…

…keep redefining what you do, until that’s true.”

This is a quote from Naval Ravikant’s famous Twitter storm. We should all live by it.

Being the best at what you do doesn’t (necessarily) mean beating everybody else. It might mean going in a different direction.

Being the best means doing something that’s easier for you than others. If it feels like work to others, but like play to you — you’re on the right path.

Do what only you can do.

The questions to keep asking yourself: “What is something that only I can do?” or “What can I be the best in the world at?”

You won’t be able to answer general things like “being an entrepreneur.” This is not something only you can do, and probably not something you can be the best in the world at. Make it easier for yourself.

Be more specific.

Maybe, you can be the best book packager for non-fiction books on biohacking. Or possibly, you can be the best podcaster in Russia talking about business and relationships for twenty-year-olds.

Choose to be a meaningful specific instead of a wandering generality.

You Can Be Anything

Becoming is easy. Most of the time, it’s free.

I can become a plumber right now.

Give me a sec; I’ll change my LinkedIn profile to “plumber”…and give me 30 more secs, I’ll set up a Wix landing page with my number and services.

The same goes for becoming an entrepreneur, a blogger, a podcaster, a marketer, a dancer, a singer, writer, painter, journalist, and so on.

But life works funnily:

You can be anything, but you can’t be everything.

My father used to tell me that life is “a portfolio of opportunity costs.” Whenever you say “yes” to something, you simultaneously say “no” to something else. There’s always a choice.

Pick being the best.

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