Artwork by my sis, Kate Faldin.

Important things in life don’t come easy. Nor should they. Education, self-learning, staying fit, staying financially stable, mentally sane and acute, etc. — all of these things require friction. They require work.

The hours to put in. The struggle of not knowing where to go next. The thrill of finding…

How To Destroy The Universe — A Short Story by Sergey Faldin

There — I just published my first short story.

It’s bad. And a bit weird. But as Neil Gaiman once quipped, “Assume you have 1M words inside of you that are rubbish. Get them all out.”

So that’s me. Getting ’em out. You can read the first chapter here or…

I’ve lived most of my life by goals. First, it was school goals (get into the best college). Then it was work goals (make X dollars in revenue next month). Productivity-related plans (complete project Y this week, write Z articles this month). Financial goals (save N dollars this year). …

My father is 43 years old. He became an entrepreneur when he was 22. There wasn’t such thing as entrepreneurship at that time. People didn’t attend ‘entrepreneurship programs’ or plan to become one.

Today, entrepreneurship is put on a pedestal. …

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash


No, seriously, stop right now. What are you doing?

Are you reading yet another douchebag brag about how much he makes $8–10K by having a freelance copywriting business (all the while making it seem as if he’s “genuinely trying to help you escape the 9–5 and become free” —…

After being depressed for several months (and finding solace in self-destructive behavior), I learned to feel deep empathy for people who go through hard emotional periods. Nobody is immune from it.

One day you feel like you’re on top of the world. …

Everything is a funnel.

You publish 10,000 blog posts.

Then the following happens:

  1. One thousand of them get people’s attention.
  2. One hundred go viral.
  3. And one gets you a million-dollar book deal.

Notice that you don’t control getting a million-dollar book deal. …

Photo: Frank Okay/Unsplash

The big problem of my generation is boredom.

However, it’s not the presence of it that’s the problem. Rather, it's the absence of boredom.

Instead of embracing boredom for what it is — a natural way of life for most beings — we constantly run away: consuming more content and…

I have a theory. It’s about an elephant.

Well, not the actual animal elephant, but rather the “elephant in the room”.

I think — and again, this is just a theory of mine based on my own experiences and minimal observations — that people are generally bored and tired of…

It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be depressed. It’s okay to be unproductive. It’s okay not to hustle all the time. It’s okay to be lazy.

It’s okay not to love broccoli. It’s okay to have breakfast at 4 PM. It’s okay to eat peanut butter sandwiches for…

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