9 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day Unforgettable

Surprise your partner by being unconventional.

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A relationship is like a joint venture. You are equal partners. It’s like building a house, where you lay one brick, and your partner — the other.

If you want yours to prosper, sometimes you’ve got to do the hard work of emotional labor: coming up with surprises, new ideas, and ways to make your partner happy.

Below are some of the ways I thought of that I can surprise my girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Take any of these ideas and make this year’s love day special.

#1. “Honey, start packing.”

I remember watching my dad surprised my mom with a last-minute trip to Europe. He would not tell her until the very last moment.

But when it was almost time to leave for the airport, he would walk up to her and say, “Start packing.” She would look at him surprised and ask, “Where?!”, but he would stand there smiling.

Sometimes he wouldn’t even tell her where they were going until they got to the airport.

#2. “Take me to the zoo! (I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies)”

Having fun together is one of the best things about being in a relationship.

I love the zoo. And so does my girlfriend. Every time we travel, we make it a point to visit the zoo in each new city. So far, we’ve been to more than 50 zoos.

I mean, who doesn’t like animals?

Once you grow up, however, you don’t visit zoos that often. But zoos are fun, and it’s a great alternative to parks.

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, try spending Valentine’s Day at the zoo, and then go to a nearby bar for a margarita.

#3. “Surprise!”

For those of you who are as bad at cooking as a penguin is at flying (that would be me), this is a great way to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Cook dinner.

Open up a tutorial YouTube, or get a copy of the 4 Hour Chef. Pour some wine for yourself and your partner. And try cooking something.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. In the worst case, if your food turns out to look like a spongy, black mess — you can always order pizza.

You can even cook together. And don’t get discouraged if nothing works out. At the very least, you’ll have fun.

#4. “Room for two, please.”

Even though this isn’t rational, it’s still a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day: book a hotel in your city.

Airbnb doesn’t count.

Hotels have a unique atmosphere — you can throw things on the floor, be messy, and order room service.

Switching the scene is always beneficial, and there’s nothing as romantic as eating a burger at 10 PM watching a sitcom on the hotel TV.

You remember things like that.

#5. “Honey, let’s dance!”

Valentine’s Day is just another day when you can fully dedicate your time and attention (yup, phones off) to the person you love. And there are few better ways to do that than experiencing something together.

Try spending this Valentine’s Day by taking a cooking or dancing class together. Even (and especially!) if you haven’t done that before.

(I highly suggest tap dancing or tango)

There is a lot of intimacy in doing something for the first time with your partner. Give that gift to you both.

#6. “Right, left, right, left…”

Get out in nature. Go on a hike or a bike trip.

Why settle for conventional wisdom and go to a fancy restaurant downtown, when you can pack sandwiches and see nature? Maybe even put up a tent. Get bitten by a mosquito. Be exhausted, dirty, and want to go home.

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

#7. “What do you feel?”

Again, Valentine’s Day is just another day when you can experience intimacy and spend some quality time together. My girlfriend and I like to get to know each other better (even after three years of living together) by playing ‘therapy games.’

There’s a great game by The School of Life, and there are a bunch of similar (free) games on the Internet. The key is to ask each other questions, listen intently, and get to know each other.

I bet you’ll learn something special about yourself and your partner.

#8. “Row, row, row your boat…”

River cruise!

If you are lucky enough to live by the river (I know what I am talking about, I live in London) — go on a river cruise. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s an experience.

You’ll see the same city from a different perspective, and you’ll experience new emotions.

#9. “Get ready, action!”

The last idea on this list is to go on a live shooting of a sitcom or TV show in your city. Chances are, if you google, you can find a studio and attend for free.

It’s a fun experience, and it’s more unusual than just ‘going to the movies.’

Again, the goal here is to make it memorable, fun, and something that you can enjoy together.

I wish you and your partner a great Valentine’s Day.

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